Sunday, May 20, 2012

Personal Scripture

A patriarchal blessing has been referred to as, Personal Scripture.  This morning I was reading mine and my heart was deeply warmed as I was reminded just how much our father in heaven loves each and every one of his children. 
The fact that he in all his majestic grander knows  and loves us individually and wants us ALL to return to live with him brings me peace in challenging times that are a necessary part of life.
 A great article on Patriarchal blessings states:
" Of all the helps available to us in the Church, none is so personal, so eternal in nature, as our patriarchal blessing. " He's the link to a the full article from the  Church News .
I received my blessing in July of 2000 at 21years of age. While my siblings had received their blessing at a much earlier age I chose not to get mine. Based on my understanding of the principal of accountability I decided that I did not want anymore information to be responsible and accountable for.

Once I received the blessing, my sole ached a little with the knowledge that I could have avoided some snares the adversary has set for me had I known and followed the council that was in my own patriarchal blessing. 
I wish that I could say that I never again forgotten the warnings in my blessing. However, just like other scriptures, if we are to "remember" what the Lord wanted for us,  we must read them regularly.

I  like to think of this  blessing as my own love letter from my Father in Heaven.  Patriarch, Melon R. Echols suggested that I study my blessing and perhaps search for scriptures that relate to things that are mentioned. I did that to a small degree in my early twenties. But, as life changes dramatically I am going to do it again to seek a better understanding of how the contents apply to me now and read differently at this phase of  my life.

Another suggestion for studding your blessing is color coding it.  I found this idea on an internet  by searching "patriarchal blessing + Highlight" 
 I like to  highlight a copy of mine to help me focus of the parts that pertain to me now.
If you are a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and don't have a blessing, please prayerfully contemplate getting one.

If you already have one, maybe it's time to reexamine it.  Mine continues to bless my life, when I take the time to focus in following the promptings that come as I study it.

I complete this post with my testimony , that our Savior Jesus Christ, lives and loves us in a way that our finite minds cannot completely comprehend. However, I know that when we seek him through prayer, study of our scriptures including our patriarchal blessings, we will feel his love for us in a personalty in an intense and profound way.


  1. Good food for thought. I have no idea where mine is... Hmm... I think mom has a copy..

  2. You can have a copy mailed right to you from It's right on their home page.

  3. You can have a copy mailed right to you from It's right on their home page.

  4. WOw, Just found this blog. Feel inspired to read mine. love you sis.

  5. Love you too!!!! Miss your hugs, and smile.